Wines of Hungary

First of all, we recommend this English-language wine course to foreigners (expats) who live in Hungary and would like to get to know wines more precisely, but of course those Hungarian citizens are more than welcome who want to gain knowledge about wines in English. During the course participants can gain insight into the most important topics related to wines and they can acquire useful skills to build on them in their professional life.
During this course emphasis is put on the theory and – more importantly – the practice of modern wine tasting, since this activity cannot be acquired through written materials only. The main topics are the essential grape varieties of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin; while detailed presentations are held about the characteristics and wine styles of the 22 Hungarian wine regions. A separate presentation is about the Tokaj wine region, its authorized grape varieties and wine specialities.
We apply the principles of systematic approach to tasting when it is about to make comparative analyses about 35 different wines in the course. Via these systematic wine tastings, course participants can get to know better their own senses and their functioning and also the fundamental wine styles as well as by the end of the course they will be able to complete solid wine descriptions.
Number of tasted wines: 35
Number of recommended study hours 60
Course material: 
Exam:  after the course, in English (first exam is free of charge.
Retaken exam: 5.000 HUF
Qualification:  a diploma is set upon the successful completion of the course and the exam


Theoretical and practical basics of wine tasting (4 hours)
Introduction to viticulture, grape varieties of the Carpathian Basin (4 hours)
Hungarian wine regions I. (4 hours)
Hungarian wine regions II. (4 hours)
Tokaj (4 hours)
Serving skills, basics of food and wine pairing (4 hours)


The course ends with an English-language exam after the end of the course on a given date. The test contains 30 multiple choice questions and the ration of good scores should not be lower than 60 % in order the exam to be passed. In addition to this, a wine should be analysed in English based on the acquired skills. Successful participants can get a diploma after that.

Course fee

Discount price: 82.500 HUF (64 961 HUF + VAT), in case the course fee is paid or the transfer is settled on the school’s bank account until 15 calendar days before the start of the course.
Full price: 91.500 HUF (72 047 HUF + VAT), in case the course fee is paid or the transfer is settled on the school’s bank account within 15 calendar days before the start of the course.

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Mészáros Gabriella
Winelovers terem
Az első boriskolaként a legnagyobb tapasztalattal rendelkezünk.
A kóstolt borok száma mellett azok minősége is egyedülállónak tekinthető.
Ha netán egy minta nem tűnik a legjobb példának, újabbak követik.
Kellemes környezetben, családias hangulatban nálunk könnyű a tanulás.
Oktatóink a legmagasabb színvonalat nyújtják.
Az egyetlen hazai iskolaként folyamatosan megújuló saját tankönyveket kínálunk hallgatóink számára – a kezdetektől fogva.
Itt mindenki kérdéseire van válasz, de ha tanáraink – nagyon ritkán – valamire nem tudnak azonnal felelni, azt is ki lehet mondani: holnapra utánanézek.
Nálunk kiemelt jelentőségű a tudásközpontú oktatás: az elérhető legjobb ismereteket kínáljuk hallgatóinknak.

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